RK Knits


About Us

          Welcome to RK Knits, a blend of passion for textiles and unwavering commitment to excellence. Founded in 2020 in the city of Bangalore(Karnataka), India, our roots run deep within the dynamic tapestry of the textile industry.At RK Knits, our journey is woven with expertise and dedication, specializing in the maniufacturing of high-quality knitwear.

Our Diverse Production Range

School Uniforms

Crafted with comfort and style, our school uniforms are tailored for students seeking both quality and elegance.

Brand Manufacturing

Partnering with renowned brands to deliver top-tier knitwear solutions that reflect brand identity and excellence.

Customized Clothing

Tailoring unique and personalized clothing options for individuals and groups, ensuring a distinctive touch in every stitch.

Sportswear Collection

Explore our extensive sportswear range, from t-shirts to track pants, shorts, jackets, and hoodies, designed for both performance and style.   

        Our commitment extends beyond diversity; we pride ourselves delivering quality products on time, every time, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for our clients. Stay at the forefront of fashion with RK Knits. Our team’s keen eye for the latest trends and a rich collection of fabric samples showcase the pinnacle of modern elegance. Beyond  manufacturing, we specialize in tailoring products for specific events and corporate needs, ensuring a personalized touch that alings seamlessly with your unique vision.