RK Knits


Our Terms of Service

1. Payment and Billing

No Credit Policy: We do not offer credit services at this time. All orders must be paid for in advance to initiate production.

Payment Structure: 50% of the total amount is required before the commencement of production. The remaining 50% is due upon delivery.

Payment Methods: We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets. Payment details are securely processed, and customers will receive confirmation upon successful transactions.

2. Quality Check

Pre-Production Quality Confirmation: Customers have the opportunity to confirm the quality specifications before the production process begins. This ensures that the final product aligns with your expectations.

No Returns After Confirmation: Once an order is confirmed and delivered, we do not accept returns. It is essential to thoroughly review and confirm your order details during the pre-production phase.

3. Lead Time

General Lead Time: Our standard lead time is 2-3 days for orders with a minimum quantity (MOQ) of 15-20 units.

Lead Time Based on Quantity: Lead time is mostly dependent on the quantity required—less quantity results in shorter lead times, while larger quantities may necessitate more time for production.

Confirmation of Order: Once an order is confirmed, the lead time is 7-15 working days for MOQ less than 300 units. Timely confirmation of orders is crucial to ensure efficient processing.

4. Designs

Design Revisions: Customers are entitled to three design changes if required during the design phase.

Additional Design Changes: Any design changes beyond the initial three will incur additional charges. It is recommended to finalize designs during the allotted revision opportunities.

5. Logistics

Costing Excludes Shipping: The costing provided for products excludes shipping charges unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Doorstep Delivery: If doorstep delivery is required, the costing will include shipping charges. This ensures a seamless and convenient delivery experience for our customers.